Tuesday, January 8, 2008

The Reilly Palette (Mattelson Version)

As you can see, this palette consists of four strings of color with 9 values plus black and white. The rows of paint daubs consist of:

1. Neutral greys, made with Raw Umber and black with white.

2. Yellows, made with Yellow Ochre and Raw Umber plus black and white.

3. Oranges, made with Terra Rosa, white and black;

4. Pinks, made with Indian Red, white and black.

Make sure when you mix any of these colors together you stay within the same value.

Mixing the palette is rather time consuming and tedious, but it allows for efficient painting and is good practice for anyone struggling with values, the foundation of all realist art.

These colors allow for natural and realistic skin tones. The grey is used to lower the chroma.